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Water leaks are the most common emergency plumbing problems that occur from burst pipes, leaking pipework, split water tanks, leaking showers, leaking toilets, blocked kitchen sinks, leak coming from the waste pipe under a kitchen sink, leak from a waste pipe under the bathroom basin, water constantly running in the toilet pan, and a dripping overflow pipe or a running overflow pipe that could indicate a problem with the water tank in the loft.

Cold water storage tanks in the loft are typically filled with 50 gallons or 227 litres of cold water and sometimes they develop a leak. Why? Because of limescale build up which erodes the water tank causing the tank to split. The water could then leak through the ceiling and once this happens there are not many ways to stop the 50 gallons of water pouring through your ceiling potentially flooding the ceiling and floors below. If you call Simon, Anytime Plumbing Services for an on call plumber he can help stop the water leaking with the specialist tools, equipment and specialist knowledge to stop the water quickly and efficiently.

Simon at Anytime Plumbing Services is a local on call plumber and has been called to many plumbing emergencies in Worthing where properties have water pouring through the ceiling. The best way to avoid a storage water tank leaking through the ceiling is to check the water tank regularly. A common misconception is that by turning the water off from the stop cock this will stop the water leaking …unfortunately it won’t. This will not stop the storage tank leaking because the water sits in a tank separate to the mains.

Simon from Anytime Plumbing Services Worthing’s top tip when it comes to leaks …

If you notice the smallest water mark on your ceiling please don’t ignore it, this could be the first sign of a water leak from a bathroom or shower above or water leaking from a water tank in the loft, the sooner you act the better to minimise damage to your property.

If you call Simon out to an emergency plumbing water leak he can investigate where the water is coming from and inspect your appliances as most split water tanks start small without realising then gradually get worse

Information from Simon at Anytime Plumbing Services and his top tip in freezing temperatures are:

Pipes can burst in freezing weather, The best way to avoid burst pipes in freezing weather is to check your pipes regularly and any exposed pipes in lofts and garages should be lagged.

Anytime Plumbing Services Top Tip:

The best way to avoid a plumbing emergency is to Find your stop cock now and test it.

Information and Advice from Simon at Anytime Plumbing Services:

If your stopcock tap has seized up do not try and force it. Why? This is because you can cause more damage in doing so. You may cause the seized up stop cock to break in the shut position which could mean you cannot get the water back on or worse break in the open position meaning you can’t stop the leaking pipework in an emergency plumbing situation.

For more Information and advice Call Anytime Plumbing Services and we can inspect your stopcock tap and repair or replace it.

Information and Advice from Simon at Anytime Plumbing Services:

Burst Pipes can happen anytime, the main thing to do is not panic. Simon is always on call and has been called out many times after customers found him searching for an emergency plumber in Worthing or an emergency plumbing company near me in Worthing during the day or in the middle of the night where a bang may have disturbed or woken the occupants followed by a hissing sound of water spraying out. When this happens keep calm, remember where your stop cock tap is located and the best thing to do is turn the water off as soon as you can to minimise further damage to your property. Then call Simon, Anytime Plumbing Services, ANYTIME day or night and he will turn your water off, if you haven’t done so already, either from the stop cock inside your property or from the stop cock outside your property. Depending on the burst pipe and the location of the leak Simon can then either isolate the damaged pipework and get your water back on to the rest of your home or he may be able to repair the damaged pipes there and then.

Another really beneficial way Simon at Anytime Plumbing Services recommends turning your water off in an emergency plumbing situation before you discover a burst pipe is to have a sure stop switch installed and we are Platinum Installers. To find out more visit our blog on installing sure stop switches, Why?…to turn your water off with the flick of a switch.

Testimonials and what our customers say about us:

Anytime Plumbing Services are proud to be a highly rated plumbing company in Worthing. Anytime Plumbing Services have achieved over 1000 positive reviews on checkatrade mostly 10/10 reviews and over 24, 5 star reviews on google. The following fantastic 10/10 review and very much appreciated review was given in January 2021 by a customer in Worthing who needed a plumber nearby to fix an emergency plumbing problem after noticing water leaking through the ceiling from a water leak under the bath:

Emergency call out. Great service, prompt and repaired/replaced the failed part. Recommended to me by another plumber which is a good endorsement. Would use again without hesitation.

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