Anytime Plumbing Services are Saniflo specialists.

Saniflo’s now come with an extended guarantee of up to 5 years and we offer a yearly service.
By carrying out regular servicing on your Saniflo / Macerator / Electric Toilet you can preserve the life of your unit preventing scaling issues and unwanted breakdowns.
Unfortunately breakdowns occur because some units are misused or incorrectly installed meaning they don’t last as long as they are designed to. 

This photo shows an incorrectly installed macerator after a plumber installed bends with sharp angles causing repeated blockages. 

Anytime Plumbing Services plumbing advice Top Tip number 1: Remember whatever you put in the toilet pan goes into the macerator pump 

Anytime Plumbing Services plumbing advice for Saniflo’s – Do’s and Don’ts 


Don’t use quilted toilet paper
Don’t use wipes 
Don’t use thick bleach

Don’t put lady products down a toilet pan connected to a Saniflo
Don’t box in a Saniflo unit 

Don’t put kitchen roll down a Saniflo – (obvious but when there is a shortage of toilet paper people are putting anything they can find down the pan).


Do Service the unit once a year
Do use Saniflo descaling solution- this is a disinfectant to clean the toilet

Do use thin toilet roll which dissolves well 
Do consider installing a water softener to protect the parts- (we can help with that)

Do check the outlet pipe is plastic this should not be copper pipe
Do check the knuckle bends are 45 degrees not 90 degree bends all the way to the soil stack

Do check the unit is wired via an unswitched fixed wiring connector with a 5 amp fuse. 

Do ensure the unit is easily accessible and removable in the event of maintenance being required

Do put a warning poem or sign up-

Anytime Plumbing services favourite Saniflo poem:

There was an electric loo

That only ate piddle and poo

Tampons and towels

Blocked up its bowels

And the damage cost a grand to undo!

Anytime Plumbing Services plumbing advice Top Tip number 2: Use a Saniflo toilet for number ones and use a conventional toilet for number twos

Anytime Plumbing Services plumbing advice Top Tip number 3: Indications of a faulty Saniflo or macerator unit


Saniflo or macerator coming on by themselves intermittently

Louder than usual 

Stays on for longer than usual after you flush

The unit hums- this means it is blocked and when you flush the toilet stays full up 

Here at Anytime Plumbing Services Simon offers Saniflo Installations, Saniflo Servicing, Saniflo unblocking, Saniflo breakdowns and Saniflo repairs for domestic and commercial properties in Worthing, West Sussex and surrounding areas.

Saniflo Installations: Simon is a plumbing specialist on Saniflo’s and can install you a new or replacement Saniflo unit from a range of units most commonly Saniflo up, Sanitop up, Saniplus up and Sanipro up for both domestic and commercial premises. Simon can advise you on the correct unit for your requirements as different units serve different purposes.

Saniflo Servicing: Simon is a plumbing specialist on Saniflo’s and during an annual service Simon will completely remove the unit, take it outside, clean it out, descale all the parts and check they are still fully operational and then reinstall the unit. This preserves the life of the Saniflo unit keeping it in good condition, which is good common practice especially in hard water areas where scale builds up causing breakdowns.

To find out more about the plumbing services Anytime Plumbing Services offers please visit other pages on our website plumbing, drainage and saniflo pages or call Simon on 01903 206559 / 07747864982